17.m.nc...Type 4, what do u recommend

I just learned Im a type 4 on the Fitzpatrick skin chart. What laser or procedure do you guys recommend for me when I get laser this in Summer of 2006. It says “TYPE 4: Minimally sun sensitive, burns minimally, always tans to moderate brown.
Example: Mediterranian type Caucasians.”

Would this make the cost alot more, or make me have more treatments, i dont want hair removal but hair reduction like 75-80% reduction on my chest, legs, lower back and like 90% on arms and 95-100% on the back of my neck!.

*Also would doing laser at the age of 18 have any adverse effects like hair regrowth in the future when im like 20-26 years old and continue to mature. Thats th eonly thing I’m worried about, is hair regrowth cuz i heard that you still grow body hair untill your like 25 even though its slow and unnoticable after like 21, or would it make it easier cuz the hairs are finer and thinner and the roots are easier to damage?

A ND:YAG laser would be recommended and I think most would agree more appropiate for your skin type. I about 21yo and I have had 2 treatments with a Coolglide ND:YAG my skin type is somewhere between 3 and 4. I am pleased with the results I have gotton so far, however I am still rather pessimistic about the whole thing. I am going to wait and see after my up and coming treatment. My hair has become finer and softer with some removal. Like in your case I was going for reduction, so visually I am pleased.

In terms of age, I think its better probably to start when your younger then at least you get rid of the majority of your hair and anything that does grow will be insignificant. However, I personally did have a fair bit of growth from 17 to 21. The majority of it - everyone is different.

What you want done will be quiet costly, as you want a number of areas done. I suggest you start with one area see how you react, if you are pleased move on. Start with the one that bothers you the most. As for the arms, I have considered having them reduce, however very concerned about patchiness and that is a possibility. If you want to be more certain and a more exact result - electro is the only way.

an ND-Yag laser would be best for your skin and to achieve results you want. It’s hard to promise even reduction though because it’s hard to predict which hairs will be killed and which will remain. Usually, if you only get a couple treatments, you will see a reduction rather than complete removal since only hair in once or 2 phases of growth would be removed. This doesn’t mean that it will be evenly distributed though, so just be aware of that. Also, get treatments maybe in the winter time, when you have the least tan, so that higher settings can be used.

I think it’s better to get the hairs as they come in. If you wait too long, you will enjoy the benefits of hairlessness for less time. And if you wait long enough the hair will turn white or grey and then laser won’t work on them. Better now than later I say.