17.m.nc--Hair on Hands and Feet

I have hair on my hands and feet as well as my fingers and toes and nuckles…its pretty coarse not like facial hair or anything but like leg hair. I want laser Hair removal or electrolysis. I figured it would be easy to remove hair in that location cuz its not as broad as legs or chest. I will do it next year in college. Which laser should i use or would electrolysis be more cost efficient and how much would it cost…if not all removed it is ok as long as it is not stubby and noticable. What is the estimated cost and what if i did laser then touch up with electrolysis. I want like 90% or more of it gone!

If you have dark coarse hair and you make sure to stay out of the sun (do it in the winter too) for the lightest skin possible so that the highest possible settings can be used, you will be better off in terms of cost-efficiency getting laser done first (the 8 or so treatments spaced 6-10 weeks apart) and then finishing off with electrolysis.

Find out what your skin type is by looking up the Fitzpatrick skin chart (read the laser FAQs that’s the top sticky post on this forum, there is one there). If you’re type IV or lighter, find a good tech with a diode or alexandrite laser. If you’re darker, you’ll need to be treated with a Yag to avoid burning your skin.