17.m.nc--full body(literally)

if i got true full body like only had hair on my head, eyebrows, and eyelashes…is it possible or acheavable…like in 6 or so years from now and take about 2 years. and cost around 12-15k dollars and got a bank loan and paid for as much of it as possible. What if i did laser then a final touch up with electrolysis and buy then would the cost drop or a new method or procedure come out. I need to know just wondering if anyone did that. i have light olive skin and white where there is no sunlight like underneath my shirt so i pretty much have a farmers tan with dark black hair. Im Turkish(mediterranean). I dont ever plan on getting married so id have time to do it. Please post up and or send me a private message. you can also find me at [myspace dot com] browse for me under Search then friends email adress which is [JudgeJulesOnRadio1 at gmail dot com.]

It’s possible, as long as you’re committed and have realistic expectations. Read the posts by RC2001. He’s beeing doing laser for years on many areas. If you’ll have any hair left, they should be very fine and treatable with electrolysis at that point. Your body will probably continue to develop some hair as you get older, and you can go in to zap those are they come.