16 yr. old female! Need help!

I am 16 years old and I have extremely white skin…i am allergic to the sun and i have dark brown hair! I have excessive hair on my arms, legs, back, and stomach. I also have my belly button pierced and i like to show it off. But i recently started shaving my stomach and it’s really embarrassing to show it off now because of the bumps and the black dots of hair that won’t go away what so ever! I’ve tried Nair, shaving, waxing, plucking…and nothing seems to work. My mom is considering goin to a doctor somewhere for advice, but money is definitely an issue. I would just like to know if there is anything I could do to improve this at home? With as little cost as possible. Also, summer is coming up shortly and when you have dark hair everywhere on light skin it’s not attractive what so ever! Please help me! =( [color:“purple”] [/color]

If you want permanent hair removal it will cost you money and if lack of money is a definite issue, then you are back to doing all the temporary methods that you have already done at home.

Electrolysis and/or LASER? These are your choices in 2006, with electrolysis being permanent hair removal and LASER offering, maybe permanent hair reduction for some people. LASER appears to be more of a gamble as you will understand when you read consumer posts here on hairtell. Some are very,very happy and others are not happy at all with their LASER results.

Many people on these boards say that they don’t have money for electrolysis or laser. If you want either or both of these options (electrolysis or laser) and you don’t have money, then you have to start making plans as to how you will get the money. A few ideas: You can get a job and start saving for these better options for the future. Some people take out loans, though you can’t because you are only 16.Some people rack up the debt on their charge cards, though you can’t do this now. Some students take out college loans and use the money for hair removal! hmm. If your family participates in something called a Flexible Spending Account Program for health and medical expenses, then most likely these reserved pre-tax dollars can be used for the electrolysis or laser options. There are other creative ways to get money for the top two hair removal options,I’m sure. My main point is, if you want something really bad, then you need to plan and work for it, to make it happen.

You can discuss this with your Mother and read hairtell to get a grasp on hair removal options that will work for you now or in the future.

Money spent to see a doctor would be a good start. Maybe there is a medical reason for growing the hair, but most people are genetically endowed with hair and are still perfectly healthy.


I would advise a trip to the endocrinologist imeadiatly. They will check your estrogen levels etc. and if you do (and it sounds like it) have imbalanced hormones they will change them back.

Otherwise laser and electrolysis are the best bets, though unfortauntly (this is in England) you can’t have that until your 18. Ironic huh? you can give birth to a child, join the army but can’t have hair removed.

But anyways, hope this has helped.

before I had the money for laser and electrolysis, I found bleaching to be the best method for hair on areas like the abdomen since it’s usually not very coarse and my skin was white like yours (so it blends in very well). other than that, I also recommend you see an endocrinologist to weed out the possibility of hormone imbalance that can be causing this.