16 year old excess hair and poor diet? HELP :(

Hello, my purpose for posting on here is to gather some information as well as to be introduced to some new opinions. Anyway Im sixteen years old, male and my problem is my body hair, i have chest hair, stomach hair, bottom hair, pubic hair, ect. but it seems to be in excess. now from pictures I have seen of male pubic areas and legs, as well as in real life non of those men and I mean NONE of those men have as much hair as I do, my legs are extremely hairy, and my pubic region is the same, as well as my bottom and lower back. Im wondering if what appears to me as to be excess hair is caused by my diet. My diet at the moment is basically junk food. and thats it = /. i recently dropped around 20 - 27kg last year. my brother an father do not hair near as much hair as I do and it does bother me. I have seriously considered electrolysis to remove, stomach, back, bottom, and some chest and arm hair. I would like to hear your opinions on whether i should do this, as well as if my diet changes to a healthier state, will this in turn cause some hair reduction. other forums i red on here state that if i change my diet this CAN change the excess hair. i will send pictures if need. pubic area however might be a challenge, lol, im also wondering if the weight drop has caused this. and if so, will my hormone become balanced again after some time has passed?. oh and my calorie intake is WELL below 1000 daily.

If you are in pre-diabetes, or already have diabetes, hair growth is a possible side effect.

The average American, and teenagers especially have lousy nutrition. The thing most people lack is good fiber intake, real food, avoid as many preservatives, artificial colors and flavorings (translation: Chemicals) and feed one’s body real food.

The best t hing you could do would be to get Heirloom and Heritage seeds, and grow as much of your own food in your own garden or green house, but if you can’t do that, just start eating real fruits and vegetables and detox your body with good things like spirulina, ceyanne, celantro and the like.

You should also increase your water intake, and avoid soda pop and other junky soft drinks.

Would it make you feel good to know that your hair would mark you as an extremely desirable man in some cultures?

You should definitely start eating better and leading a healthier lifestyle. It will help with your health in general and can impact hair issues. Definitely avoid soft drinks as mentioned and as much junk food as possible. No fried stuff. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit and drink a lot of water. Many forget these basic things.

I would wait at least 2 years while leading a healthy lifestle and then figure out your hair removal options if they’re still necessary at that point. Laser and electrolysis are both options. Laser for coarse dark hair and electrolysis for everything else.

1000 calories a day is not nearly enough for a teenage male!

While I don’t know how much junk food effects hair growth, although, personally, I believe all the processed foods we consume are bad for our bodies in general and probably do contribute to some degree (look how much earlier kids are hitting puberty!)…I would advise you to change your diet for your health and more importantly, your future health, but in terms of you hair - have you tried “trimming”?

I would agree laser and electrolysis as well as waxing are all options to look at down the road…