15 and hairy, should I start now?

Im 15, and Im so hairy. When I shave I get horrible razor bumps and ingrown hairs, but I use Tend Skin which keeps it almost under control. My hair grows back as thick as can be and within hrs. I’ve tried plucking, waxing, epilating, depliatories, shaving. They all suck. Should I do electrolysis now?

have you seen a Specialist about this hairiness… it may have a cause that is related to your fluctuating hormones… It may be that you are destined to be hairy anyway, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get a second opinion… I am no expert, but if your situation is as you describe, then you need to look for a possible cause, and then a treatment regime that will be effective and tolerable for you physically and financially… Electrolysis is always an option, and the only proven permanent removal method…

You may also want to consider laser treatment… it may not be permanent, but it may help you to thin out your hair and make it more manageable by more conventional means such as shaving or even waxing until your body has settled down as an adult, or at least allow you to get electrolysis on an ongoing basis without the urgency that it now has…

Good luck,


trust me: no one is hairier than me! I would say that you should leave it for a couple of years because by that time laserswill be so much cheaper and also their technology will be so much more advanced than todays thats my advice anyway. i feel for you, honey!

If the problem can be addressed now, it should be started now. This should be approached both medically and with electrolysis.

LASER has been promising miricle advancements for 20 years and still not delivered on the basic goal of parity with electrology.

Find out what your doctor says about getting the continued new hair growth under control, and find a great electrologist to relieve you of the hairs you already have.