1 year since last treatment w/ Aurora

Hi, all. Long time. I thought I’d wait a full year from my last treatment to post results. I had 4 treatments with the Aurora at NUVO on full legs (hip to feet), and back and shoulders. I think I paid like $1,300 for the entire package - which is very cheap considering how much time it took. Turns out the full legs is a huge job.

In any case, here are my results. The back and shoulders were not all that successfull. I saw some reduction, but not as much as I had hoped. It’s hard to tell, but I would say around 15-20%. The hair seems much finer and somewhat shorter.

The legs were much better, with about 30-35% reduction. The hair is also much finer and shorter.

It is a pain in the ass shaving for the treatments, and I hate the look and feel of it growing back. My skin also gets irritated. If not for this, I would probably get a bunch more treatments.

I hear Syneron has a new machine called the Comet, which combines Diode laser and RF - this sounds very promising, and I might end up trying it in the future.

All in all, it was a good experience. The treatment itself was very mild, and there was no burning or healing involved, however the Machine broke a few times, and my appointments needed to be rescheduled. Also I had 4 different Nurses which was annoying.

After 6 months, the results have been stable, and I therefore am convinced the results are permanent.

I have light red hair on my legs, so I feel that this technology is a step in the right direction compaired to traditional LASER.

I have also been having Electrolysis done on a much smaller area for the last 2 years. Results are permanent and dramatic, but I’ve only had about 85% reduction after about 15 treatments. I need Novacaine shots before each session, and the argument that Electrolysis is a viable option for large areas with a lot of hair (male back, legs, chest, beard) seems like a total joke to me.

Let me know if I can answer any questions.

I thought you died, redhead! It’s a relief to see you are back “in town”.

It’s always interesting to hear about long term hair removal results and I’m glad you posted.

I just had my first treatment with the Aurora at American Laser Centers in New York. I am getting my full legs and bikini done. I have dark hair on my bikini and lower leg and lighter hair on my upper legs with fair skin.
It has been a month sinc emy first treatment and I have shed in some places—particularly on my front lower legs… I don’t see much sheddign in bikini or upper leg area… I thought that was weird. Also, the tech was rushign throught he entire procedure…

if you haven’t already bought a package, you should check out other recommended places in new york. there are several very good clinics. all hair that was treated should have shed. so the settings were probably too low and they missed spots, and i’m not a big fan of Aurora IPL (not true laser) in general, as it seems most people get poorer results from it than true lasers.