1 week until first treatment (coolglide)

Hey everyone Im really glad I found this forum ! . Im 40 years old Male with hairy arms and Im going in to have it zapped off next monday with the Coolglide system I am going to pay $199 per treatment on both arms the Doctor is a Ear Nose and Throat Doctor and I guess he does this on the side , I had gone into his office about 5 years ago when I first found out about this laser hair removal but never did it now im going it and really hope I get good results with this Coolglide machine.
The Doctor says I will need 4-6 treatments at 6 weeks apart and I will see great results I sure hope he is right.
I just want to say that having hairy arms never bothered me as a 40 year old man it seems like we have a new generation of hairless wonders out there on TV and Movies I always thought men with hairy arms and chest were Macho Like Sean Connery James Bond well anyways Im doing it so that I dont scare all the kiddies out there hehe.
No really I dont mind having it removed and hope i get good results if I have any question I would ask about this laser I am going to be using the Coolglide and if anyone can point out a link that shows the different lasers and the great difference between them I would like to read up on it.
Thanks I will keep everyone posted .


Hey Suede,
Check out www.hairfacts.com
Lots of wonderful info there!
Good luck with your treatments & keep us posted.