-08- Electrolysis Myths

Hope you enjoy it.

Well done Josefa,I love this.

Oh Jossie, this is brilliant and I don’t know where you get your energy or motivation. I suppose in some sense I’ve become a burned out and tired old zapper. Still zapping, mind you, but my zest for “sweeping back the incoming tide” has certainly waned.

Keep up the good fight my girl …

You are a true force in our profession. Thank you for the video, Jossie!

There are a few electrologists that I know that are going to disagree with the anagen only myth, unfortunately.

That’s true Dee,

I have constructed an experiment that would conclusively illustrate this point “once-and for-all.” Except I know something: for many people, no amount of evidence will change their mind. My experiment will simply be dismissed.

When Galileo made his discoveries, the “priests” at the time refused to look into his telescope … instead they called his device “the work of Satan!” They nearly put him to death too! (Of course, now the Vatican has it’s own observatory.)

Set opinions are the most difficult things to change. Erroneous opinions have always held back human advancement. Nearly all human difficulties are a result of our divergent belief systems.

Michael, a wise man said: “Man begins, in fact, to be old when it ceases to be educable.”

As far as you’re concerned, my friend, I see nothing but a constant and strong desire to learn.

Thank you for your words, Dee. Michael is right, there are things (and people) not worth fighting.