0.5mm epilation? Fact or myth?

Hi all

Its my first post here, been using the site for sometime as a non-registered user, thought it was by time i joined the posting…

Okay, my question: I have a Braun 7281 WD - my manual claims that hairs between the length of 2mm-5mm can be epilated efficiently… The newer models 7781,etc CLAIM TO REMOVE 0.5MM HAIRS.

0.5mm is half a mm!! Its basically stubble. Im not particularly happy with the results of the braun 7281 - it does epilate the hairs of the neccesary length, but the remaining stubble negates this pleasure…

Can anyone confirm that 0.5mm hairs get pulled out? If so, what model are you using (Note, im not biased towards the Braun makes, im open to Emjoi’s,etc)?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Well, I use the Braun 5270 model and it’ll get some pretty short stubble. But it also depends on where the stubble is. I find it doesn’t work too well on stubble around boney areas. But around fleshy areas, it works good to great. It just depends.

The answer to your question is SOMETIMES. I use Emjoi’s 72 tweezer epilator which also claims to remove 0.5mm hairs. Honestly, I have been extremely impressed when I see some of the tiny hairs that have been pulled out. But here’s the thing - while it certainly does remove SOME of the .5mm hairs, it doesn’t get 100% of them. What percent you are able to remove depends on your technique and so on, but I think ALL epilators leave a few strays behind, which I don’t mind since they are so soft and sparse.