Which Electrolysis Machine Should I Use?

Hello everyone! My names Mary and, his is my first time posting something on this forum. I just registered so I want to say that I am not sure if this is the correct category.

I am almost done with school and would love to know if you guys can help me choosing an affordable machine that has the 3 different technics or settings and that it is affordable. Preferable $300-$900 if possible. The class itself it was very expensive. However, I do want to be able to offer different technics options to my clients.

Anyone that would like to add to this would be very appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your time.

What machines are you familiar with?

The Instructor I have seem is the one my instructor have in the class which is the Apilus | xCell Pro. However, this machine is way too expensive for me at the moment.

You might find a blend machine on ebay for $300-$900.

Do you have any recommendations which is my problem that I am not sure which one to get? Thank you.

I’m not sure where you live, but at your current price point, you should be able to find a second-hand Apilus or Sterex, depending on location. You may find similarly priced machines from Clareblend and other established brands that are decades old.

Keep in mind that all the brands have various degrees of automation versus manual operation, and you need to find something you can use comfortably. Apilus is on one end of the spectrum with lots of automation, options, bells and whistles. Sterex is on the other end of the spectrum. But they can both operate in the three modalities.

Part of owning a business is being able to claim expenses against tax, which is why it’s a good idea to spend the money on a new epilator. This way, you have a manufacturer guarantee, warrantee, and support, as well as ease of access to replacement accessories and parts. A second-hand epilator, especially an outdated one from a dead company, doesn’t provide any of this.

If you’re able to spend money on a new machine, I’d point you towards Instantron.


JThank you so much for your input @Scurvy!

I am indeed considering getting a new machine instead.

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As far as new machines go, in my opinion, Instantron offers the best bang for the buck. Not only are their machine reliable, but customer support is among the best in the industry. Instantron has been in business a very long time.

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Thank you @Hairadicator I truly appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

I second the vote for the Instantron. I have a fancy Xcell too but I actually like to use the instantron a little bit more each time I use it. If only Skip would add an autostart treatment timer, and I would be a very happy girl.

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In my opinion the users relationship with the machine is what important. Not the brand . All machines produce electricity. It is how you as the user , uses the electricity. Try the machines out. If you know how to use your machine in the manual mode you will be a better operator. But I would add unless you have a perfect entry into the follicle, the brand of machine is irrelevant

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So, Mary, I do not believe all epilators are equal. The Apilus XCell’s and the Instantron are two worth considering, in my opinion. Aside from these top epilators, you want a relationship and service from the company where you buy your epilator. Apilus /Dectro is a large company that hopefully will go on forever. Skip’s Instatron has been around a long time and I assume if Skip retires, there is someone to take his place, knowing as much as Skip does and is as personable and responsive as Skip is. There is more to consider than just buying the epilator.

Don’t let price deter you. Borrow the money or make payments. This is your reputation and you want the best for your clients.

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My suggestion would be to work for someone until you have enough money saved to buy a decent machine. Look at offering all 3 modalities and gradually you will lean towards your favourite
Honour your client with the best equipment available

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I have a spare instantron Spectum elite in my empty second treatment room at my successful clinic in Ottawa Canada. just saying :slight_smile:

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