Unwanted hair growth article

I read you have been having Laser for many years. It is not doing its job as a permanent hair removal technique for you.


This is really informative for me.I have some unwanted hairs on the lower side of the chin.its hereditary.My mom having the same.but she hadn’t taken any treatments.Becoz she don’t care that much.But i feel very ashamed to be like this.Now i am taking some treatments under a skin specialist.Now i am more confident than before.Any way thanks for the information.

i am 19 and from my personal experience waxing made my facial hair worse and plucking does the same.

What I have seen is tweezing does not cause hair to grow back thicker. Changes in hair texture are likely caused by hormonal and genetic factors.

Plus also there is no guarantee for permanent hair removal. This does help to reduce the hair over the years of very frequent waxing for a lot of skin and hair types however for some, this won’t make any difference.

Other than this you can also try Laser hair removal which works by heating the hair follicles to stop new hairs from growing. This puts the hair follicles in a state of dormancy for a long period of time — much longer than with shaving and waxing. I have personally tried Laser at home and it has shown tremendous effects and the hair growth is definitely reduced. I got it from here, you can see - https://www.radarmagazine.com/home-laser-hair-removal/

I think you are right about it varying by person and body area. I had a unibrow and plucked it religiously and eventually the hair there stopped growing. That was unexpected. I’ve also waxed my legs for years (not waxing now but have just invested in an epilator) and saw no difference one way or the other in hair growth.

If you have the time to watch my video on hair tweezing … watch it until the very end. At the end you will see my OLD hairless leg that has never been shaved or waxed, next to a 19-year old hairy leg. My legs were SUPER hairy and now … nothing.

There are many reasons for observable phenomenon and it’s usually NOT what we assume was the cause. “Seeing is believing” but basing fact on observation alone most always is wrong. That’s the basis of the scientific method.

The eyebrows are one area that repeated plucking can lead to the demise of some hair follicles. Thus some women have overplucked their eyebows and found later none would grow at all. It;s not a sure thing though, and most just end up with coarser more deeply rooted hairs .


Most ladies have fine hair otherwise called peach fluff over the lips and on the jaw, chest, back or belly. Hirsutism is a condition when these hair wind up coarse and dull, which is ordinary of men.The fundamental contrast between typical hair and hirsutism is the surface. Hirsutism is an innocuous condition however a few ladies think that its humiliating and it is additionally a long haul challenge.


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Ladies have a low level of male hormones, yet when the generation of androgens (male hormones) are excessively in the ovaries of ladies , there can be development if undesirable hair.

Now and again this condition is a consequence of innate where it keeps running in families.

Polycystic ovarian disorder is one of the regular reasons for undesirable hair development. Ladies experiencing this disorder have hirsutism went with skin break out; going bald close to the brow and menstrual issue is a perpetual condition. Polycystic ovarian disorder can likewise be related with different issues like diabetes, elevated cholesterol level and heart ailments.

Idiopathic hirsutism — Idiopathic hirsutism alludes to hirsutism which has no identifiable reason. It is a mellow variety of PCOS and is an incessant condition. The average side effect of this condition is steady expanded development of hair in ladies. Idiopathic hirsutism does not irritate the regular menstrual cycle.

Tumor or malignancy of the adrenal organ or ovaries can likewise cause the development of undesirable hair in ladies.

Utilization of specific prescriptions testosterone, anabolic steroids, cyclosporine and, minoxidil, additionally result in development of undesirable hair.

A particular reason for undesirable hair development is as yet not found.

I would like to know if using Vaniqa along with electrolysis will be effective for my face? I have used Vaniqa alone, in the past, with no positive results. I did electrolysis for years when I was younger and then stopped. After menopause (I am now 66) the hair came back gradually and I tweezed it. It got to the point where I had to tweeze every day. I decided to stop and try Laser. I went for one treatment and realized it wouldn’t work because my hairs are now predominantly grey/white. I am looking for a good electrologist on Staten Island, NY. If you could suggest someone that would be great. I would also like to know if Vaniqa could also be helpful.
Thank you.

Vaniqa can help slow hair growth if used as directed, but it will generally not achieve dramatic results some users expect. You may want to speak with your healthcare provider about your hormone levels post-menopause, as that can have an effect on hair growth.

Thank you Andrea for your reply. I definitely believe post menopause has had a lot to do with my hair growth, which was under control prior to this with electrolysis. I will be having electrolysis treatments presently. On my next visit to my Dr. I will ask her about Vaniqa. I would like to hope that it might be helpful in addition to electrolysis, even just to control the growth while having treatments.