Thermolysis vs blend?


Hi, is thermolysis the same as blend?

i’ve been to 2 different electrologists who say they do thermolysis, but the method and sensation for both were completely different.

The first lady I went to did not require me to hold anything and there was just a increasing warm sensation when the probe was inserted into the follicle.

The second lady also said she uses thermolysis and that its a mix between diathermy (which she said was just using heat) and electrolysis (which was just the electrical current). She also said she uses DC current, not sure if this is very different from AC, or which one is better?

She also got me to hold a rod wrapped in sponge. The sensation was also very different. This time it felt more like a sharp pin prick and i didn’t feel very much of the warm sensation. In addition, it felt like each time the probe was inserted into my follicle it was sitting there for quite a while, much longer than the first lady i went to.

So i was wondering if someone could please clarify what exactly thermolysis is and which sensation i should be expecting.


allow me to attempt to unconfuse you.

Thermolysis ( also called Short wave, Diathermy) is a radio frequency energy usually in the 13.56 or 27 mhz range. It is a rapidly alternating current and generates a heat surrounding the probe.
Galvanic is a Direct Current ( the same that comes out o a 9v battery or car battery) and this converts salt and water int he follicle into sodium Hydroxide or lye)
Blend is a mix of the two, we create lye with the dc current and heat it with thermolysis thus making it more caustic and we need less of it.

If you are holding an indifferent electrode, this means a DC current, either to create lye or in some cases to automate the electrolysis machine, is being used.
Lye( the sodium hydroxide created by DC current) is a very gentle and very effective killer of hair, however it takes longer to create the lye than it does to gvie a thermolysis /short wave pulse. Sometimes a slow thermolysis is used ( that gentle warming feeling) and often, a fast themolysis current is used ( something under half a second and you feel a sharp “zap”.
Sometimes, people do whats called “Fast Blend” which means thermolysis is doing most of the “work” of loosening the hair, but with a short ( 1-3 second) galvanic current to follow up the zap.
Galvanic and blend tend to have sightly higher kill rates than thermolysis alone, but a blend treatment takes 3-10 seconds per hair and thermolysis is over in a second or so usually and we can treat many more hairs with thermolysis alone in the same time we treat one follicle with blend.Therefore the effective rate/time can be higher with thermolysis depending on the electrologist skill in the modality they are working in.
So what does it all mean? Nothing. It’s all just a means to an end. If you are holding an electrode you are either doing blend, galvanic, or the operator is using a mild DC current to automate the release of the energy. All modalities are effective, and your operator chooses the one thaey can destroy the hair with the best results and best efficiency. For them. Others may choose a different modality, but it’s all just a means to an end ( the disabling of the hair follicle being the end goal) .