Reaction to LHR on legs, is this normal?

Is this a normal reaction to laser? This is 24 hrs after 1st treatment. Had to take Tylenol & Benadryl to be able to sleep. 4 days after treatment legs were back to normal. Uploading: 710C5D12-2972-4D50-A9A4-8D0D00ACEFB6.jpeg…


That looks pretty typical, but some people do get hives or welts from treatment. As long as you are not getting blistering, and the redness subsides in a few days, you should be ok. You may want to take benadryl before treatment next time and use an aloe gel or a benadryl cream immediately after.


Ok, thank you! Didn’t know if I had a bad reaction or if it was normal. I get my face, armpits & stomach done and have never experienced this. They were very swollen almost like pregnancy swelling looking

Redness and itchy skin is not an un-normal reaction to laser particularly on body parts. Blisters and scabs are not acceptable for laser hair removal. That shows the inexperience of the technician.
Treat the area as you would a sunburn even if the redness is minimal. It is still sensitive.

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Agree with replies here. Your therapist seem to do the right thing as long as there is no lingering pain or heat few seconds after laser beam hit u.

People with sensitive histamine can hv this ichy red bumpy skin reaction after effective treatment. U can take anti-histamine 1 hr before starting each session and a day or 2 after the session just to reduce ichy inflammation. Or u dont hv to do anything, this inflammation (follicle damaging) will heal & your skin will look normal with less hair