Question about chin hair and scarring post electrolysis

I’m concerned about the amount of scabbing I see in this picture, in particular, two largish scabs on the chin. I think it will heal well, but the use of an insulated probe and carefully controlled energy levels can completely prevent results like this.
Please do update us as time goes on as to how this heals up.


Yes, IIuv2zap, that’s what an angel told me, too.

If the treatment works, I wouldn’t mind scars, but of course I hope I won’t develop them. I’ll post more pictures when something changes and when the healing is done. I think they may help others like me to have examples of reactions and to see the differences between good and bad treatment.

Can you judge by the pictures if the treatment should work on these hairs that were done? I mean, is the scab enough, or almost enough, to indicate that the treatment of these hairs was enough to destroy them for good?

I’ve read a post of Bono about a client of his taking a long bath after treatment and that prevented scabs forming. It was a very old post I’ve found when I’ve searched the word scab in the search engine of this forum. Would that work on my face, if I ever need to see this electrologist again?

Normally, how long do such scabs take to fall off? I had much worse ones years ago with the other electrologist, but I don’t remember how long it took them to disappear.

It seems an angel will help me get rid of this hair, but the angel is in another country. I imagine even after treated by the angel, hairs that are not showing will eventually appear and I’ll have to treat them with this electrologist from here. That’s why I’m trying to find out if what she did on Tuesday looks like it’s gonna work.

Thank you again for helping!

Oh I know an angel when I see one and what she does, is, beyond words it is so wonderful. I’ve got a very deep respect for your angel.
As for the results of the local treatment, well, I cant be so sure. But a little side trip in say about 5 months to see your angel one anew , will get you closer to the goal that I know for certain. In the meantime, no touching, no shaving, no waxing.

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Some of the larger scabs seem to be caused by digging for ingrowns, which can happen if you’ve been plucking. That can be common early on, but I’d be sure to do all the skincare steps.

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I cant really tell you much from the scabs themselves. Any scabbig should be very small, the size of a pinhead at most and these are much more than that. while normally scabs should fall off within a week some may take a bit longer than that . There’ nothing I can tell from that though as to the effectiveness of the treatment


Thank you very much!

I have an urgent question: I don’t want to shave to have the maximum hair growth and surface for my next treatment. Does anyone know how to better disguise it with make up, or something? I’ve never worn make up and don’t have any, but I can buy some if this can help disguise me. Thank you in advance!

About 1/5 of the scabs fell off on day 4 (day 1 is the day of the treatment, last Tuesday February 19th). The pictures below are of this morning, 25/2/19, day 7.

I’m posting them in case someone in my situation come looking for an example (good, or bad).

I haven’t noticed any hair growing at the places where there were scabs. But now, as they disappear, it’ll be difficult to know.

Thank you, Andrea.

I’d like to thank you for creating this forum! It is a lighthouse in a dark night for people like me.

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These are good for immediately after:

I recommend going to a Sephora or similar store for recommendations between sessions. Many have an option where they will do a makeover if you buy a set amount of the products.

Because you have broken skin after treatment, it’s probably good to use a triple antibiotic ointment before using a cream base with good coverage. Be sure you work very clean when you apply the makeup - wash your hands and applicators.

Ask your practitioner to focus on dark hairs followed by light-colored coarse shiny hairs. They are hardest to kill and most visible.

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Thank you, Andrea.

I’ve followed your advice and went to a make up place where they help you find the products and teach you how to apply them.

The lady who helped me is having laser treatment on her face and is very unhappy with it. We exchanged experiences. Luckily, she has no chin hair. She’ll inform more about electrolysis. I suspect what she’s having is IPL, not laser!

She found me a concealer that hid a lot of the hair, but it was the end of my lunch break and she told me to go back with more time to find the perfect one.

I’m posting two pictures taken yesterday: with the concealer and after washing my face at the end of the day (same day). The difference is amazing. However, with longer hair, it won’t really hide it.

I’m also posting today’s pictures. Lots of long hairs. I won’t do anything (no shaving, no trimming) to have them ready for my next treatment. Two days ago (Monday), I’ve trimmed them short with scissors for the last time.

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That looks great when covered up! The good news is that over time you will not need as much coverage, and the coarse hairs will not pop through. Stick with it! :grinning:

Hello! I’m newbie here and idk yet how this forum works but if you can help me it would be awesome!

I am currently doing electro on my face (cheeks, chin area and so on) and getting good results, but as soon as I have to redo the electro session the next couple of days my skin has some kind of reaction and I get cystic acne. or it seems cystic acne at least, cause it’s all pus inside but to be honest, my skin usually doesn’t breakout so wondering if it 's pimples or what is it . On the other side I’d like to know if there is any way to prevent this. As soon as my skin calm ( later at night ) I use a foam gel (for sensitive skin) and I apply aloe vera. But I don’t know if I do it wrong or why I breakout!

Any idea?

Some kind of contaminant to the area…
Is the electrologist cleansing the skin with witch hazel or alcohol prior to working? Are they wearing gloves? Is it a new needle each time? The other podssibility is you may be experincing a metallurgical reacction to the nicle in stanless stel probes. A Gold probe gets around this.

Always with alcohol prior to working but use same needle (it’s my needle lol). Is that the problem?

that IS a problem.
Needles are cheap ad MUST be new to comply with health regulations.

Isolating needles for repeat use is not appropriate procedure. Many years ago I had two clients, each with the same first and last name. The possibility of a mix up is not worth the risk. A new (sterile) needle must be used with each treatment.

I’d like to give an update on my situation, and I have wonderful news.

Josefa could see me two times during my stay of a week in the Malaga region.

I was very impressed by her kindness, clear and informative communication, as well as results.

I arrived for the first treatment with Josefa looking like this:

She offered me the possibility of getting local anesthetics by a doctor, but I didn’t think I’d need it. I was so happy to be there and eager to get rid of the hair, I wasn’t worried about pain.

She examined the area and started working. Contrary to the electrologist in Belgium, she watches the hair from very close, with magnifying glasses. The one in Belgium didn’t use them and was pretty far from my skin. It made me wonder if the scabs/wounds I had after the Belgian treatment weren’t due to poor vision.

Anyway, while treating me, Josefa also explained me things about my skin and electrolysis.

When she finished my chin, I’ve asked if she could also do some big, thick hairs on my upperlip. Instead of doing just them, she proceeded to clearing the whole upper lip and around the corners of my mouth and below it.

I actually closed my eyes and tried not to cry, because this meant so much to me. I entered her beautiful clinic looking like a man, and I’d leave it looking like a woman.

She also cleared my face from those yellow things under the skin that I had had forever.

In total, she had been busy on me for about three hours.

After it was done, I was in a different world, looking at the new face in a mirror. Too happy to put into words what it meant to me.

So, THAT was electrolysis! Nice to meet you!

As Josefa had explained to me, it was pretty swollen for a few days, something normal in the healing process.

Scabs? I didn’t see any in the first days. Perhaps there were some, but too small to be seen. What a precision!

On day 5, I went back to Josefa’s clinic for a second treatment.

Josefa was on a mission! She chased and treated all hair from the area. Again, I was touched by her attention to detail, her dedication.

When it was over, she found recipients where to put some antiseptic product so I could even travel with it back home.

Today, it’s day 8 if that second treatment with Josefa counts as day 1.

In the photos below, I’ve written 3rd treatment, because I’m counting like this:
1st treatment in Belgium.
2nd treatment was my first with Josefa, in Spain.
3rd treatment was my second with Josefa, in Spain.

I hope I’m going back to Spain to see my angel again in June, to get rid of whatever hairs grow between now and then. Because of one thing I’m sure: after experiencing real electrolysis, no way I’ll trust my face to anyone else.

Photos today:



I told you so!

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Such amazing work, as expected. Glad to hear that this has brought you comfort.

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Wow, this is remarkable! Thank you for sharing it with others, as I am sure this will give hope to many readers here!

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these results are amazing- also the post healing difference in comparing to the previous photos from another electrologist :heart_eyes: