Newbie journey


I don’t have any of that info, I am just a client. You would be best to create a new post to get that information from the pros.


It’s been three weeks since my last session and I’ve been struggling with a lot of regrowth this month and the return of dark coarse hairs. Probably a dozen total of the beardlike ones over my chin and upper lip (so yes there is a reduction) but are in addition to the dark thinner growth I have. I’ve had almost a five a clock shadow this month so it’s been hard after feeling so positive over my progress. I decided to start using those silicone scar strips on my upper lip that Andrea suggested. I’m hoping it will help me feel like I’m getting somewhere over the next few months while dealing with the ups and downs of treatment into the second year.


Hi! I identified with your earlier experience where you were debating weekly or bi weekly. I JUST began Jan 22 and took 2 weeks of bc of time of the month and a social event i had planned. My official second session was today. I am doing my chin and upper lip and have been waxing for years. So…today was much more painful than my first session and I’m not sure why - each were 30 min - I used her numbering cream (my electrolysists) last week which I believe was 10.85% lidocaine instead of what my doc prescribed that was 2.5 lidocaine and 2.5 pridocaine. Anyway, I’m feeling much more sore this time around. I felt like I could feel the needle going in each time and I was sort of obsessing over it. I’m allergic to nickel so she uses the gold needle on me. Wondering if you have advice- did you switch to every other week? The sooner I get this done the happier I am but today felt like too much. Will try and post pics here now…
Does pic have to be a url link!?
Thanks for your help!!!


Pain varies from session to session. Usually upper lip is much more painful than chin. You probably have some pretty deep hairs returning after waxing, which can also be more painful to treat. As the hairs get thinner in width and density, it will not hurt as much.


I started weekly because like you I was in a hurry to finish. Almost a year later I can tell you there is no hurrying. It takes forever. I feel like quitting almost every single month and going back to tweezing, then I realize I have come too far and must see it through. I found treatment to be more manageable once I went to monthly sessions because I don’t feel like my entire life revolves around my electrolysis sessions.

As for the pain, every visit is different. Sometimes I don’t feel a thing and other times it’s pretty painful. Pain is progress so I don’t mind too much. Good luck!


Thanks - you are probably right about waxing for so long - I have been for years and my chin hairs are stubborn mofos! :expressionless:


Hi @JENDV523
Thanks for this…I hear you but I am up for the journey and know this is going to be a long road but it’s worth it to me - I have added up all the money I have spent on waxing my face (and tips) weekly and it is A LOT.

The way things have shaken out, I have been going bi weekly (b/c of my period and social events, etc) even though the plan was weekly - this is working out well. I got for 30 minutes and she covers my upper lip and chin.

What kind of numbing cream do you use?


Hi @JENDV523 Sorry I am replying to your comments out of order. I just read this one where you talk about the silicone strips – how is that going? and if you don’t mind me asking, how long are your sessions – you mentioned you go monthly – is it for full chin and upper lip?

The corners of my chin are the worst and then it’s a bit sporadic leading up to my sideburns - not having her tackle those b/c it doesn’t seem worth it to me - too many hairs!

Stay positive and I am sorry this is taking longer than you planned! Hang in there.


It’s hard because there aren’t a lot of new posts on here. I don’t use any numbing cream and I have always had 30 minute sessions.


Yesterday I finished my 9.5 hours/19th session/12th month of electrolysis. I’ve spent just under $1,000. Hitting the year mark makes me pause to reflect on the experience thus far. If I knew how slow my progress would be I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to start this process. Years of tweezing have made my hair tough to treat. My hyperpigmentation has been difficult to live with and has made me avoid friends and social situations, perhaps a bit depressed. However I’m still glad I’m doing this. I believe my hair has been reduced by half or more. I love that my life isn’t consumed by tweezing for the past year.

To anyone who is thinking about starting and reading this let me tell you what I wish I knew at the beginning:
-Use lots of protection from the sun year round (hat, avoid peak sun, SPF 50 Mineral sunscreen replied throughout the day)
-Ice after treatments
-less product is more after appointments. Witch hazel only then a light moisturizer once the skin has calmed is all I’ve needed.

I’m pretty scabbed up today, mostly on the side of my upper lip that had a lot of growth.

The higher setting treatments have been over the last three months, so I’m hoping we’ll see less hair as we work through these new hair cycles. I really need to have fewer treatments over the summer to combat my hyperpigmentation and hoping I see the results I need to have that happen.


Thank you for your latest update! That looks pretty good for so soon after treatment.

Continue to use a mild cleanser and 100% aloe vera gel with no menthol. Avoid sunlight in that area and consider using a triple antibiotic ointment to keep the skin as bacteria-free as possible.

After the inflammation has gone down, I recommend getting some silicone sheeting to help mitigate long-term effects.

Once things have healed completely, you can consider some over the counter skin lightening options like Meladerm, but I recommend testing these before using them on your face, and only on your face when everything is healed.


I’m having my second treatment this Tuesday for facial hair. I started the hair removal process with laser and it worked but i’m at a point where the hair is thinned out so laser isn’t doing much anymore so I decided to start electrolysis. I do 1 hour session each time because I prefer it that way…costs $110 for that one hour session and I don’t mind. I’m also suppose to go back every 2 weeks compared to the 6 weeks when I did laser. My only issue is that I can’t trim the hair in between sessions, I have school so I rather not look hairy but I guess I can’t really do anything about it now. Is it normal that she didn’t mention to put on sunscreen after each session…whenever I finished my laser appointment they would apply sunscreen.


I put on sunscreen multiple times per day. I am extremely prone to PIH (I get it from Acne too) so I do whatever I can to minimize my dark upper lip.


It’s been a little over two weeks since my last session and I’ve been disappointed to see almost immediate growth. I miss those days when I would enjoy a week or so of hair free time, and wondering why this is happening this far into my treatment…maybe a pro can weigh in? Should we be altering our treatment schedule? I’m not talking about a hair here or there, I’m talking the full hairy areas filling right in.


Hello Essodonda ,
Susceptability to PIH and it being stimulated through UV exposure is very common. However wearing sunscreen constantly during treatment isn’t advisable. For most of it, it’s fine but during the 24-48 hours immediately following treatment, I tend to recommend people use a wide brimmed hat instead, and not have extended sun exposure . The reason for this is sunscreen is not generally hypoallergenic, and any contaminant can cause minor infection of the electrolysis sites . So for the first day or so after treatment, Don a good wide hat when in the sun and leave the sunscreen at home. Once you are past the 24 hour mark this is much less of a concern ( as the follicle is closed over as it was before, nothing gets in , nothing gets out) .

As for trimming hair, it does sound like you have good advice. The idea behind not touching the hair, is so the maximum number of hair follicles that are possible to treat are present. Assuming you are getting full clearance each time, then not trimming makes sense. However if the longer hair is bothering you in between, the other option would be to just have shorter appointments done weekly, so the hair doesnt grow long enough to become a problem



Electrolysis is two days away and I have been feeling like such a Debbie Downer and wanting to quit. There is so much dark coarse hair this month. I have tried taking photos since the beginning and this is the first time it’s ever shown up on a regular picture, and we’re 13 months in. I’ve not tweezed and not missed any appointments. I’ve had some really positive months with little hair not that long ago and to be back to this is so depressing.


The average time-frame for electrolysis is 12-18 months. At 13 months, most of your hair should be gone. What percent reduction have you experienced since you began electrolysis?


Typically I would say about half but this month maybe 1/4 to a 1/3 less of what I started with? I remember I started with 30+ coarse hairs on that patch on my chin and before my apt today I counted 27. There were no thin dark hairs remaining but the coarse ones are the most troubling anyway.

I had my monthly 30 minute appointment today, putting me at ten hours of treatment. My provider said she feels overall I have a good reduction in hair but she is troubled that I have so much coarse regrowth and I’m having to shave almost immediately after my appointments now. She said typically when clients experience this it’s an untreated medical issue but she doesn’t believe that’s my situation. She says having to shave twice a day is not where I should be at this point. She has asked me to give her another day of growth before sessions (72 hours vs 48) because some of the thin hairs were too short to treat. I am hoping the hair we are seeing now was dormant or under treated in the past because I am feeling quite low.


Hang in there! I had a period at the beginning of mine where it seemed hopeless, then one session we got through my entire face in a session. After that, it got a little easier each visit until I was done. I haven’t been back in 20 years!


Thank you for your words Andrea. I’ve stayed smooth since my session over a week ago and it’s such a relief. For more than a day I thought I had a crop of coarse chin hairs coming in but it ended up being the hair sheaths coming out. I am due for some good results so I am crossing my fingers!