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I put on sunscreen multiple times per day. I am extremely prone to PIH (I get it from Acne too) so I do whatever I can to minimize my dark upper lip.

It’s been a little over two weeks since my last session and I’ve been disappointed to see almost immediate growth. I miss those days when I would enjoy a week or so of hair free time, and wondering why this is happening this far into my treatment…maybe a pro can weigh in? Should we be altering our treatment schedule? I’m not talking about a hair here or there, I’m talking the full hairy areas filling right in.

Hello Essodonda ,
Susceptability to PIH and it being stimulated through UV exposure is very common. However wearing sunscreen constantly during treatment isn’t advisable. For most of it, it’s fine but during the 24-48 hours immediately following treatment, I tend to recommend people use a wide brimmed hat instead, and not have extended sun exposure . The reason for this is sunscreen is not generally hypoallergenic, and any contaminant can cause minor infection of the electrolysis sites . So for the first day or so after treatment, Don a good wide hat when in the sun and leave the sunscreen at home. Once you are past the 24 hour mark this is much less of a concern ( as the follicle is closed over as it was before, nothing gets in , nothing gets out) .

As for trimming hair, it does sound like you have good advice. The idea behind not touching the hair, is so the maximum number of hair follicles that are possible to treat are present. Assuming you are getting full clearance each time, then not trimming makes sense. However if the longer hair is bothering you in between, the other option would be to just have shorter appointments done weekly, so the hair doesnt grow long enough to become a problem


Electrolysis is two days away and I have been feeling like such a Debbie Downer and wanting to quit. There is so much dark coarse hair this month. I have tried taking photos since the beginning and this is the first time it’s ever shown up on a regular picture, and we’re 13 months in. I’ve not tweezed and not missed any appointments. I’ve had some really positive months with little hair not that long ago and to be back to this is so depressing.

The average time-frame for electrolysis is 12-18 months. At 13 months, most of your hair should be gone. What percent reduction have you experienced since you began electrolysis?

Typically I would say about half but this month maybe 1/4 to a 1/3 less of what I started with? I remember I started with 30+ coarse hairs on that patch on my chin and before my apt today I counted 27. There were no thin dark hairs remaining but the coarse ones are the most troubling anyway.

I had my monthly 30 minute appointment today, putting me at ten hours of treatment. My provider said she feels overall I have a good reduction in hair but she is troubled that I have so much coarse regrowth and I’m having to shave almost immediately after my appointments now. She said typically when clients experience this it’s an untreated medical issue but she doesn’t believe that’s my situation. She says having to shave twice a day is not where I should be at this point. She has asked me to give her another day of growth before sessions (72 hours vs 48) because some of the thin hairs were too short to treat. I am hoping the hair we are seeing now was dormant or under treated in the past because I am feeling quite low.

Hang in there! I had a period at the beginning of mine where it seemed hopeless, then one session we got through my entire face in a session. After that, it got a little easier each visit until I was done. I haven’t been back in 20 years!

Thank you for your words Andrea. I’ve stayed smooth since my session over a week ago and it’s such a relief. For more than a day I thought I had a crop of coarse chin hairs coming in but it ended up being the hair sheaths coming out. I am due for some good results so I am crossing my fingers!

I got exactly 11 days of being stubble free—Monday morning I had nothing and then after washing my makeup off Monday night there it was. I suppose if its regrowth from the month prior it’s right on schedule at around six weeks.

Nope, it is not regrowth from the month prior. It is the next new group of hairs coming forth to the surface and it is such good news. The electrologist can now see the offending hair and disable the follicle - permanently.

I never want to hear my clients come in weeks later and say the hair is back. It is not! It’s a NEW (I said NEW) group of hairs - another hair growth cycle. We have got to get to the bottom of the hair barrel and that takes a good schedule, along with the proper and complete disabling of the hair follicle. The bottom of the barrel happens somewhere in that 12-24 month timeframe. Be patient. Stay steady. Keep your eye on the prize. Get cleared every 6 weeks and you will be happy.


Strongly agree.

Once epilated, either by waxing, plucking or electrolysis, a hair cannot return until its next growth cycle, which is months away. Of course, the reality with electrolysis is that the hair won’t return at all if it’s done properly.

Thanks for the encouragement! It seems I’m always going through a cycle of despair regarding my treatment. This month’s growth was probably the best ever- less than 20 bothersome chin hairs and only a few annoying upper lip hairs. Of course there are also the thin dark hairs but they don’t bother me as much, in fact one positive over the past month was I could clip the few bothersome hairs and ignore the rest because it’s fairly slow growing. If I could keep this up I’d be so happy! I imagine if I wasn’t avoiding the sun like a vampire because of my hyperpigmentation the thin hairs would lighten up on their own. 21st treatment session/10.5 hours/14 months complete!

Last week I had my monthly 30 min electrolysis apt, putting me at 11 hours in and 15 months of treatment. There were few coarse hairs (maybe 10 bad ones or less?) and quite a few mediums. There is also the thin dark hairs that can only be seen at some angles or close up, which I’m not as worried about. I had some swelling on the left side of my upper lip which lasted a few days, but amazingly there were no pustules or scabbing until about 48 hours after treatment. One positive I noticed this month is one spot on my upper lip that I have always had dark thick hairs had not one hair this month. When I use to tweeze I would have some hyperpigmentation in that spot, and now there is a pit, but no hair today. Another positive, I went away for a night and didn’t have to do any hair removal or worry about it, which was a first time for me. Small victories!

There is so much to read about starting electrolysis but I haven’t found anything about what it looks like in the end stages of treatment. I want to be done so badly! Will there someday be no hair when I go for my monthly session so then I drop to every other month or every six weeks? I have talked about this with my provider before (long ago) but wanted to hear from others.

I am Herry Braun, a newbie at this discussion board. I am sales and marketing head at Leeds local cosmetic clinic Call Lane Aesthetics.

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Nearly two weeks after my session and feeling pretty down about the condition of my skin—the pitting seems to be getting much worse. Looked up Michael Bono’s work on skin healing to give myself hope, but still so afraid that I am going to living with regrets.

I do see little dents, however you are only two weeks out from your last treatment. What you see is part of the normal healing process. Your skin should heal up fine. Over time these little imperfections will smooth out.

I do not see pitting from electrolysis. What I see is your natural skin with large pores, minus the hair. Many people have that orange peel characteristic that they mistake for pitting. These are also prominent above your upper lip on the side of your nose. Did you have electrolysis there?

Thank you for some hope!