Male - YAG - beard - settings help!


I’m male with skin type 2, with light-mid-brown facial hair. It’s really thick around my chin and jaw so it’s painful to shave and I get in-grown hairs - so I’m trying to thin it out a little with laser. I know I need to be careful in case it encourages growth / stimulation - in particular, I’m avoiding checks and neck!

I previously tried Alexandrite as I’m fair skinned with dark hair, but after 3 sessions at 2 clinics (i.e. 6 sessions) I felt zero pain and got zero results! (1 used Soprano Ice Platinum which apparently does both 755nm and 1064nm at the same time). Then I recalled I’d read on here that the YAG is often better for male beards as it goes deeper because of it’s wave length, so I’m now trying that. I wanted to get some input from the experts on here about the settings:

Fluence | Duration | Rate (Hz) | [when]

13 J/cm | 10ms | 1.5hz [most recent - in July]

12 J/cm | 3ms | 1.5hz [in March]

12 J/cm | 5ms | 1.5hz [in February]

[I noted these settings down from the screen of the laser after each session]

Laser: GentleMax Pro - ND:YAG
Skin Type: 2

In terms of pain, I only feel it very slightly where the hair is ultra dense and it wasn’t red (tiny bit) after, wasn’t sore or anything. So far, I may have had a (very) little reduction - it’s really hard to tell as I shave.

Question / advice (please): Are these settings sufficient and if not, which setting(s) should I ask to change / increase? I’m not overly sure what each setting does. Or, if these are sufficient, then is my hair potentially just a bit too deep for laser and so i’m better switching to electrolysis?

Any recommendations / suggestions are welcomed :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Switch to electrolysis, please.

That seems pretty low energy, but it’s hard so say without seeing someone in person. You may require those lower settings for some reason.

Hi John:

These settings are TOO Low. They should apply way higher energy in order to get results.

For light mid brown hair, a yag won’t give you results. YAGs are great but only for very black terminal hair. The Alex joules setting are low. I do both laser and Electrolysis and use a Cynosure Apogee Elite. My starting point is 20 joules for the Alex. Then we would be only treating the darker brown coarse hairs. It most likely would thin out your beard. For complete removal Electrolysis would be necessary.

I think Dimi’s response sums up my feelings.
At the point at which the hair color is lighter than skin tone, well you are better off going for electrolysis. It doesn’t matter the laser , Switch to electrolysis if you want to see meaningful progress.