Ingrown hairs are making my life miserable...


I have suffered ingrown hairs on my bikini line for years! Tried all kinds of methods to get rid of them including cutting my skin open with scissors. In the end I saw a bunch of people recommending Tend Skin on the web. I found the bottle to be very expensive so I was reluctant to buy it…
Well, more research and I found a place that sold it for a fare price. I got the bottle in the mail Dec 21st and started using it twice a day. No results for weeks…and the bottle said amazing results within 24 hours… Well since I had bought the bottle and all I felt that I had nothing to loose and kept on using it.
But in the last week or so I am actually clearing up!!! I only got 3 ingrown hairs that are bothering me compared to 20 and I think it is the Tend Skin working!!
I bought a big bottle (16oz) for $47 on a website called:
I think that is a good price compared to other places I’v seen.


they also sell it on eBay. Check it out there too.

I used to have the same problem pretty bad too and laser treatments eliminated it altogether. it’s the best feeling in the world after struggling with this for years. Getting ready to go swim or to the beach before was horrible. I only waxed and thus could never go during the in-between stages when you’re growing the hair out. I now go swimming at the gym every week. It’s amazing :slight_smile:


You should try vaya smooth. It is by far the strongest remedy for ingrown hairs and razor bumps, rasor rash, barber’s rash and its cheap too.


wow, doesn’t sound like self promotion at all.


I am going to chalk up the 3 identical posts saying the same thing to a web glitch, and not the spammer, I mean poster’s desire to clog up the board with multiple ads, I mean mentions of the same product information.

At least this mention is on topic, and in a post actually talking about something that the product is designed to act upon. That is why this final post will not be deleted.


btw, if you have dark coarse hair on the bikini line, laser can be a great solution to get rid of the hair forever and not have to deal with ingrowns. it was one of the best things i have done. and it’s probably not as expensive as you may think. i paid around $100-150 per treatment for a total of 7 treatments to get rid of most of it.



I can feel your pain. Ingrown hairs suck. I almost resorted to seeing a dermatologist myself but found this awesome product called PRINCE REIGNS that gets rid of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I tried tend skin and its too harsh for the skin (at least for me)… That stuff burns. Prince Reigns is all natural and its by far the best product i’ve tried and i’ve tried several. It was one of Oprah’s favorite skin care products in her magazine. I guess theres a few other celebrities (i have no idea who they are but recognize their faces) that use it too.

I bought it from an online distributor. The website is www. stopingrownhairs. com They give a 10% discount off every repeat order. Check it out…I hope it works for you.



Oh yeah…Prince Reigns comes in a 2 oz bottle and is $24.95…A little goes a long way and it lasts a month or two with daily use.


At least this is not the usual “Hey Buy This Product!” It is framed in the form of answering a question and although there is no information on what the ingredients are, either here or on the web site (care to fill us in Ellis?) I am ok with leaving this here.



Have a bottle in my bathroom…

PR Ingredients: deionized water, glycolic acid, vitamin e, chamomille, sage, lavender, glycerin, propylene glycol, ammonium hydroxide, fragrence, hydroxyethylcellulone, methylparapen, propylparapen…whuuuuuu, that was a mouthfull.


Ok, it does much the same thing tend skin does with the same methodology. It has a mild acidic action that sloughs off the top layer of skin, and what small amount that gets into the follicle enlarges the opening, while stiffening the hair. Thus the hair tends to pop out.

This would not straighten a truely curly follicle, but it would tend to make the experience of ingrown hairs less likely, and that is all they need to get away with making such a statement in their advertising. After all, anything that is a cosmetic has only the legal requirement of making people feel better.



I kinda dont agree with you…Its not just like Tend Skin…For instance it doesnt have these WARNINGS on the packaging:[/b]

Warnings & Precautions:

Anyone having Dermabrasion or, Microdermabrasions treatments must not use Tend Skin in the same area no sooner than one month after last treatment.

The Tend Skin products has exfoliating properties and may cause excessive exfoliation resulting in a burning, discoloration’s or pigmentation abnormalities, if over applied or used incorrectly.

Do not use Tend Skin along with any other products containing the followings:

Glycolic Acid’s or Peel’s
Citrus based washes, abrasive scrub’s or moisturizers
Retin-A or topical acne products
Loofa sponges
Benzol Peroxide
If with true allergies to Aspirin, do a test in the inner twist, wait 24 hours before use.

If pregnant or nursing, seek advice of your health care professional before use.

Keep out of reach of children.

And i’ve used both and Prince Reigns is clearly better (and without the warnings).


It still works by pealing the skin with an acidic reaction. The Tend Skin has all those warnings because it uses acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) as its active ingredient. “PR” uses glocolic acids and fruit acids.

If you don’t think they COULD put warnings on this product, but chose not to, just try putting lemon juice on your face, and then going outside on a sunny day. :wink:


James, you seem very knowledgeable and I would really appreciate your advice or anyone else who could have an opinion.

I’ve been having this ingrows all over my legs for a while and it gets to a point where is completely ridiculous that I can’t go to the beach or wear skirt. Anyway I finally went to a dermatologist which I didn’t find very useful. He told me that my only solution would be Laser Hair Removal and in the meanwhile told me to use NeoStrata Toning Solution Acne Care. My question is if this is a acne product can it still help with ingrows? It’s also pretty expensive it’s about $45 for 1 month.
I’m desperate!! Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!