Icepick scars?


Can anyone tell me if this will scar? My skin brokeout after my session and i also noticed icepick like holes in the cheek area as well as the chin from electrolysis. It looks like small holes where the needle was inserted.


Can you show a quality BEFORE picture of your skin? What I see is a normal appearance of orange peel skin. I do not see ice pick scars.


Ice pick scars are not a normal result of electrolysis treatment.I think in consumers heads this kind of “makes sense” that it might do that, but it doesnt work that way.
For information on how the skin DOES heal, I recommend viewing all 4 parts of Michael Bono’s “The healing skin” found here:
What you will learn however, is that scarring of any kind , usually takes 9-12 months or more to show up . Anything you see right now post treatment will be “long gone” by that period.
Lets talk about why you “Broke out” however. This can be indicative of either some type of contaminant to the electrolysis sites , or, in some cases, some people react to the nickel contained in stainless steel and they too can “break out” via a histimine reaction.
So, good advice to cover all the bases would be change to a gold plated probe, ensure complete sterility of implements ( new sterile probes, sterile tweezers, gloves worn) and learn to relax, just a little. You can drive yourself crazy playing self-doctor diagnosing skin conditions you dont have and imaginary damage. Know that the skin has truly magical healing qualities. Keep with your treatments, you’re going to be fine.


Everyone should read this quote from Seana and RE-READ it about 10,000 times. Also, let it be ingrained in every pre- electrolysis consumers brain to take quality before pictures before the first insertion is made. Many don’t realize that they start their electrolysis journey with flawed skin (large pores, acne scars, sun damage, chemical damage). There can be temporary skin reactions post electrolysis treatment. It’s called healing. Relax. Watch Mike Bono’s healing skin video’s and learn about what is happening. They are excellent resources that will reassure you.