Hinkel UC-3 Electro-Blend Epilator For Sale $1200


Back up machine in electrolysis practice. Recently retired. EXCELLENT condition with all the attachments. Located in Southern California. 949 642-3200 Rita Dietrich, L.E.


How old is the unit?


Hello, I bought it October 17, 2007. If you’re really interested I am willing to look into getting it certified by a Hinkel technician. They are here in California. Rita Dietrich 949 642-3200


No, I’m not interested. I use an Apilus Xcell Pro and I am well satisfied. I was asking the age of the unit for the general audience here.


I’m interested, if it’s still available. I’m going out of town tomorrow, but will be back on Monday. I’m on Irvine, between Yorba and Prospect, oddly enough. (I’m an AIE student.)



Hello. Yes it is available. Please call me for more information. (March 21 2019)

Thank you
Rita Dietrich
949 642-3200


Is this still available? I’m interested if it hasn’t sold already.


It’s available. You can call me at(949) 642-3200.

Rita Dietrich, LE.


Hi Rita. Is this unit still available? Do you have any photos I could see?


It’s available. It’s at home. I am traveling. Are you licensed? My cell is(949) 642-3200.

Rita Dietrich, L.E.