Help with skin pre, during and post electrolysis

Hi Everyone,

I do hope you are all keeping safe and well during these times.

I haven’t posted in a while and am hoping someone will be able to help me:)

I have been getting electrolysis now for almost two years . I love my electroligyst.

I started out on my chest and I had laser removal prior to this which I would never recommend.

Anyway, I started getting pimples after laser hair removal. Electrolysis has cleared a lot of hair on my chest and boobs. A lot. The last time I had it there was last year in March.

I have a question, attached are pics of my chest. I am breaking out and I do have hairs growing in some of those areas.

Is there anything I can do to stop/clear this?

I think it’s the hair growing back and I do need to go back.

I have rubbed oil, hydrocortisone and aveeno cream on them and have also used soap to dry them out.

Nothing has helped.

They’re pretty much like this all over .


Forgive me for my obtuseness, but I think your area looks pretty good. How many hours of electrolysis have you had? I see some fine hairs that can be removed if you want. What you see as imperfections are not of great magnitude. Mother nature will heal these little imperfections.

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You can have fine hairs removed permanently by electrolysis. I see nothing wrong with your skin.

I agree with others, the condition of your skin is completely normal and not worth any concern.

Any small imperfections will fade over time, but you can use a product with witch hazel and salicyclic acid to exfoliate and improve the quality in the mean time. Just take care not to do this whenever your skin is recovering from an immediate electrolysis session.

Thank you all.

I have had, in total about 8 hours. There are hairs growing still in the areas where the spots have formed.

Appreciate it. Yes, I will be going back. The last time I had this was in April last year.

Is it a myth that once I have all my hair removed on this area I’ll always get pimples? That’s what the laser hair people said…

The only reason I’m even having this done here is because of laser.


The “laser people” were misinformed. Spots? Everyone has minor skin imperfections. If you look at skin under high magnification you will see what appears to be holes and canyons. If you look at a hardwood floor with enough scrutiny, you will see holes, shards, splinters and dents. That doesn’t mean something is wrong with the floor and it needs to be repaired or replaced. My advice is to stop obsessing over your skin. There is NOTHING wrong with it.

I agree with all fellow electrologists: your skin looks ok. Fine hairs can be removed. Reason of re-growing those could be that you sweat on that area too much maybe? Just keep in mind, not 100% sure because could be other factors contributing as well.
I wanted to add: use neem oil for skin imperfections. It’s indian spice, fod category, will never hurt you. It has specific smell though but in my practice NOTHING takes care after electrolysis scars, acne scars and acne itself, redness all kinds of skin conditions, like neem oil. Seriously. I sell it in my office. I recommend to everyone. Any brand will work, just make sure its food grade, because sometimes they use it as plant pesticide and add adder chemicals. You need just NEEM OIL with no additives, food grade and you’ll be fine.
Hope this helps:) Stay safe!

I know most see perfect skin, but I’m a bit like you I perfer nothing under the skin also. Look at your products your using make sure your not using any Mineral oil petroleum or any silicone based products they will leave residue under the skin. Try retinol a few times a week till it clears up. But wait for another electrolysis appointment for two weeks after