Gentronics-mc160d-c machine for multi needle galvanic

So they discontinued making new multi needle galvanic epilators? I’ve spoken to many people who are interested in this method but it’s very difficult to even find a used machine.

What are everyone’s thoughts on why this is?

Why hasn’t somebody created a new updated multi needle galvanic machine. I have some ideas to improve it and my next step is to find out how I can by myself or with others get the company’s to come out with a new one or have someone recreate the gentronics machine.

It would be nice if someone patent a new improved multi needle galvanic epilator that is computerized
And maybe have an updated wiring set up.

Another question, what credentials does a person have to actually build and design the internal components of a galvanic electrolysis hair removal machine.
Is it an engineer?

And last, does anybody know of any other MNG epilators that are similar to the genetronics one?
I’ve only heard of this specific make and model but perhaps there is another brand I overlooked that might have some MNG somewhere for sale

The very best MNG machine on the planet was the Galv-Ep designed by Kay Lasker in Philadelphia, PA. She had a supply and training facility called Skin Deep Inc., but the company folded about 15 years ago. I have heard rumors that a couple of new units are in the works, one in the US and the other in Australia. At the moment there are no new MNG epilators available anywhere in the world.

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The Gentronics digital was a computerized epilator. The 16 wires had separate circuits, thus they shut off individually when their 2 or 3 minutes was up. It had a large screen display, which I loved and was very sturdy.

I have said this many times that under the term electrolysis, all methods work, but is practitioner dependent, like any other profession providing a service. The reason I sold my digital Gentronics to an electrologist in Israel is, I discovered that there was newer technology that was much faster and just as effective as muti-needle galvanic. For paying clients, in this age of fast, fast, fast, people want the hair removed quickly. Also, the client has to lie very still, continuously, which can be difficult for some? many? If you are looking for a digital Gentronics, maybe the electrologist in Israel would be willing to sale it to you? She has switched to the Apilus 27 megahertz product, with Synchro thermolysis.

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I would be interested yes

My mistake, so it is computerized ok good to know

A new multi will be available towards the end of this year. There have been many hurdles, however America is still class 1 but the rest of the world I believe has upgraded to a medical device.2a. Hence your problem.

Do you have any more information on the one coming out by the end of this year?

The machine is complete, but the processes for medical and american certification etc. will take time so by September will have information - The reason everyone is not running to do it is the cost. The standards have all changed which means you cannot reverse engineer - it has to be a complete new design to cater for the safety alone that is required.
word of advice on purchasing a digital model gentronics. As you know they are many years old and most are at the end of their life. If you purchase and it crashes, (I have gone through about 8 machines) you cannot get them fixed. You need to get a board replacement and there are none.You buy at your own risk and this could happen a week after you purchase! If you purchase the older model, they can be fixed, but the parts are no longer made so you will need to get them hand made. We just recently repaired one machine that cost over $3000. The reason is that they will not make just 1 part you have to order minimum. The tracking to find someone to do it is almost impossible. To pay the money that is being asked I would definitely seek an analogue model.

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the last one I remember seeing was a few years ago and if I remember right went for over $15000. From all reports they are made of unobtainium. Motly this is because , as Dee points out there are other modalities that can work more efficiently and still obtain beautiful results.

At Berkowits School in NY we have a couple analog Gentronics available for sale. If interested let us know

Which ones please send me the model numbers and price

It’s the gentronics mc160. The analog version. If you’re interested you can call me at +13477288934