Electrolysis on female back


Hi all,

I have already started electrolysis on my chest:

First session - 1 hour

Second session -2 hours

Third session - 2 hours

I have decided to begin electrolysis on my upper back:

9x IPL

3x Yag laser - broke out terribly and also induced hair growth.

Although I have fine hairs, they are long and densely populated making them incredibly noticable. I have an excellent electrologise who uses thermolysis and just wanted some thoughts on this.

I have had some breakouts on my chest & breasts since Electrolysis- but had already had advice that this will heal over time as new fine hair tries to resurface.

Is there an exfoliant that could be recommended to help ‘clear the area’ and get these bad boys out?

I wonder if it’ll be the same reaction for the back and roughly how many sessions I’d need from any experience anyone else has had on here?

I am very petite so am hoping not so many, but of course this all very much depends on hair growth.

Thank you,



Without seeing your back area, having no idea how much hair you have, the five hours of electrolysis you have already had, with an excellent electrologist, using thermolysis is a great start and a great plan.

You will need many more hours of electrolysis, most likely, so don’t fizzle out. If you have a lot of hair, keep loyal, lay on the table and become a new best friend with your electrologist.

If you have dots and scabs after a session, relax. Your skin is healing and that is a natural outcome and will heal gradually and perfectly. Just deal with it. Take an easy acceptance and before you know it, your skin will be back to normal, minus the hair, of course…

You don’t want to exfoliate while the skin is healing. Do nothing and let Mother Nature work her magic. Your skin will heal naturally on its own.

If you get any area cleared, say every 6 weeks, of all new hair that trickles in over 9-18 months, you will be successful. Another idea: If an area is cleared totally and then you return for another clearance in 3 months and then return for another full clearance in 3 months, you will be 90% of the way there, that is, if you are dealing with virgin hair that has not been tampered with.

This may not be easy for you, but it will work. Ditch the skin reaction worries and the put in the time. If your electrologist is willing to do more than an hour at a time and doesn’t talk very much, you will make serious progress.


Thank you so much and sorry I’m just getting back now. This has helped. I haven’t touched the chest or any other area. In fact I opted to complete the chest and stomach. I have lots of small dots (not scabs) just brown pigments all over in between chest and on torso after first session. These are flat , I suspect these will also go away by themselves or would this be pigmentation?


The answer is both. They are PIH (pigmentation), and they will also resolve on their own. It’s a very normal part of electrolysis, especially on the body, and especially on tan or darker skin tones. If you have a break of several months between treatments, the pigmentation should lighten and become much less noticeable. You should expect to see it completely resolve a year or so after all treatments are completed.

Nothing to worry about.