Electrolysis during coronavirus worries, advice please

Hi everyone, I’ve been getting electrolysis on my face for the past 4 years. I had a really bad facial hair problem. I loved my results! However I haven’t gone since March due to the virus. My electrologist reopened I think last month and I would love to go again for touch ups and new areas on my face she didn’t get to yet. However, I’m concerned about the virus. Is getting electrolysis safe during these times? I mean she is in my face for 45 min to 1 hour. I can’t wear a mask. I don’t know what her precautions are yet. She was honestly never the cleanest to begin with. I mean not dirty, but she’s not a germaphobe. I never got sick from her in 4 years and skin always looked great. Been in business 30+ years and loved the results. However, now with the virus she would need to obviously step up cleanliness. She’s in a small room in a beauty shop.

I was thinking the following would have to happen if I were to go:
I can be there when the beauty shop is closed and it’s just me and her, she has a key.

  1. Only once a month
  2. Maybe just 30 minutes
  3. I would wear goggles and maybe cover my nose and mouth since I don’t get my upper lip done. Possibly see if I could wear a mask.
  4. She would obviously wear a mask and I would love her to wear a face shield too, but that’s up to her really.
  5. Witness her wash her hands and before and after touching phone which didn’t used to happen.
  6. Be her first appointment of the day so nobody else was just there.
  7. Wipe down the chair and lay on a paper towel which I always did
  8. Keep door opened, she’s in a small room in a beauty shop.
  9. Wash hands/face right away in my car and not use the bathroom there.

Anything I’m missing?

I live with my parents 60+ and they have high blood pressure. I care about our health versus beauty. I would HATE to get sick over getting this.

My face is so much better than it was 4 years ago literally night and day. If it was 4 years ago I would be going. However I still loved getting touched up and branching out to new areas. I always say I’m happy the virus happened now versus 4 or more years ago so I could get most of my face treated.

So is it safe? Are people getting the virus from going? Not 6 ft apart and her clients she sees all week can’t wear masks. Seems really risky.

Also my face definitely has been looking great for the past 5 months, I used to go every 2 weeks. Does that mean the hair that hasn’t returned in 5 months is finally gone forever?

Thanks everyone!!!

Glad to hear about your great results.

I have recently closed my office down for the second time. I was open for six weeks, with a set of best practice guidelines from the state of Ohio. All worked well, with both of us wearing face masks, hand washing for both, taking off shoes, using hospital disinfectant to clean surfaces, flushing the toilet with the lid closed, adding ultra violet-c air purifier having a contactless credit card device and using an ultra violet C box for sanitizing phones, pens anything that would fit in the box. We did not talk to each other very much while in the treatment room, to reduce secretions and droplets.

The closer you are to someone for more than 15 minutes, the easier the spread of Covid-19. With electrolysis, that’s impossible / impractical to do. We cannot keep a 6ft or greater distance. I did longer appointments and worked around the mask, doing sides, chin and neck - no upper lip work. That’s when it appeared that Covid-19 had stabilized in my area, but I was still uneasy…

I think it best to look at the stats in your COUNTY. If there are low Covid positive numbers, low deaths and the hospital beds are not filling up, it’s probably safe to do electrolysis appointments with all the principles of common sense, sanitation and hygiene in use. Overkill measures are okay.

The test of time proves electrolysis works. Covid has shown a lot of clients that they truly have less hair if the hair has not returned in 5 months, like yours.

If your instincts tell you to reduce your exposure, then listen to your gut. If your electrologist doesn’t have the best practice guidelines written for you to see, don’t go and tell her why. Many of us are having clients sign forms saying we are not responsible if they get Covid. Everybody wants to sue, so this is a precautionary extra step that seems pudent to take at this time.

I’m sorry to hear Dee you are closed again. We’re a bit on edge here too as numbers creep back up in 3rd stage of re-opening. All the measures you mention, and more.I would say 90% of my clients pre-pandemic are no where to be seen. That tells you how they feel. But like alot of other electrologsts I’m seeing a lot of new clients come on board. What will happen if my previous clients suddenly feel safer and all come back? We would undoubtedly be overwhelmed. I’m hearing from electrologists in california and florida and many are unsure if they can ever re-open in this new reality. Sorry to say, but your government has left you all to twist in the wind.No leadership on combating this virus and they are passing the buck to you the citizen to fund these closures. it’s a real problem there. especially n places like arizona california and florida.

how long do you think you will be closed this time? Many of us are now in fear for our survival. As to the original question, use the precautions warranted in your area. If you dont feel protected, dont go. Is electrolysis worth your life? Nope.

Thank you both so much for your repy!
Dee did you close because you were too scared or did someone get sick? Did your clients seem uneasy about returning, did most come back?

I live in PA, so I think our cases are steady.

Yes, I would have to wear a mask if I went and I think I will ask my electrologist if she is even working on clients not wearing masks because that would be reckless. I mean there’s areas that can be worked on around a mask or maybe just move it a bit.

I just am so unsure because there is so much unknown about this virus and what’s safe and not safe.

I reached out to my electrologist to see what her protocols are. I just wanted to know if she even working or what has been going on.

I’m just so torn and I go back and forth. Like one hand I think oh well I will wear a mask and we’ll follow guidelines, then I’m like I can’t do it.

I just don’t know. See it’s still a bit different than a hair dresser because she’s more in my face and she may see clients without masks.

IIuv2zap, may I ask what country are you in? Interesting you have been having new clients. What are some of your protocols, do you work on clients not wearing a mask?

Yes, advice I would receive would be wait a few months and see what hair returns, however I didn’t want to stop treatments so now with Covid I got a real test. So, if the hairs haven’t come back in 5 months, then they’ll most likely never come back? Just so happy to hear that! I thought maybe they could still rebound. Just knowing that the hair she treated are killed is just amazing to know!

Thank you so much! Great to have people to talk to!

Also, when you said is electrolysis worth my life or family that really hits home. As much as I would like touch ups and new areas on my face treated, it’s just not worth it. Before I got electrolysis I had SO much more hair to deal with and I was able to make do, so it’s just how it is. I’m happy I didn’t just start at least.

It’s just a sad situation this stupid virus, I feel bad for you guys not being able to work or feel safe.

I’m in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

I ALWAYS wear a mask, when treating I use a shield as well. All surfaces have been wiped down with special accelerated hydrogen peroxide wipes. We keep the window open unless it’s just so hot we have to use the AC ( which admittedly happens alot this summer) . All clients are required to wash their hands immediately on arrival. We have disposed of all linens , and treatment tables are covered with a fibrous protective disposable sheet. We are also spreading clients apart far enough that they dont come in contact with each other. All implements used are sterile, and we have a medical steam autoclave which is spore tested weekly in house for sterilization of tweezers and other implements. All probes are always new, sealed and sterile. We are using N95 and KN95 masks at all times, and our clients use a mask before they enter our offices as a requirement of entry. We’ve hired extra cleaning staff who are completely disinfecting the office space regularly.

Is it enough? Probably not. As you mentioned, this is a scary virus. I’ve gotten stomach flu TWICE during the pandemic despite thorough precautions, is norovirus can get through, so can covid. Life is not 100% risk free and we cannot make it so, but by adding the necessary precautions we absolutely minimize the risk as much as is possible.
The reason I suggested stopping for now, is I dont know where you live. You would be the best judge as to what are reasonable risks and precautions in your area, and that has to be based on what you know of infection levels and precautions taken in your area. Places like Arzona, California, and florida, nope you would not catch me going to an electrolysis appointment. But even in my own city, we’re averaging about 25-30 new cases a day right now. Some they have tracked to their source, others not. We havent been this high since april, and we’ve been open the same as Dee, about 6 weeks, and most of that, we werent permitted to do facial work at all. Body work only, with both parties wearing a mask. Like all electrologists everywhere, we are doing every single thing we cn. We are all watching our costs skyrocket because of additional PPE costs. Gloves are almost unobtainable, but we must use them for every treatment.And our regular clientele…are waiting. I am not sure how much longer I can remain open. I now a lot of electrologists are feeling the same pressures. By February our lease is up, and if we are not able to make a living between now and then, it wont be renewed.

I closed again because I watch the numbers in my county. It was astonishing how we went from 400 positives a day to 1,500 positives a day. The rioting in the streets, the bars opening up, with young people not taking this seriously and not acting accountably to mask and distance, contributed to this uptick. So, we fall back and make adjustments as information comes forth. I don’t need the government telling me to close my business. I can put information together and be responsible for doing the right thing for myself and my clients. No one got sick. I’m fine, too, but there are many irresponsible people not wearing face masks properly (nose sticking out and not washing their cloth mask daily) and then there are ones that lie to you saying they are taking precautions. So, I don’t feel it is safe and won’t work, but I know there is a better day coming and this will cycle out eventually.

I’m not upset that I can’t work. I just accept what is. I’m not at all angry with the government. I think the federal and state level of government has done everything humanly possible to adjust to this pandemic which was unleashed by China on the global community. Over 50 million people have been tested in the USA, a vaccine is in the works at lightening speed, with 40,000 in stage 3 clinical trials and therapeutics are doing a great job cutting the death rate. I don’t think we can hide from this virus. Many people have the virus and they are mildly sick and get better and some get deathly sick. People in my age group should isolate, since the average death is age 79. I’m not close to that age, but I’m close enough to be vulnerable.

People need to educate themselves about this virus and stay tuned in for evolving information, then act accountably. It begins with you and me.

One thing that I’m really surprised by is the number of texts and calls I’ve had from new clients. When this is over, there will be plenty of work ahead. I’m not worried at all.

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Iluv2zap, sorry to hear. Yes if you could get the stomach bug makes you wonder about covid which I think is even more contagious and definitely more dangerous.
My state has 800 new cases a day and 100 new cases a day in my city.

Dee, yes I agree closing was the right decision and good for you to make that call.

Why do you think you have new business, but old clients are waiting? That’s interesting.

I think I would feel a bit more confident going if my electrologist required all clients to wear masks and just not be able to do the upper lip and maybe slightly adjust the mask to get to the chin.
I really am uncomfortable going knowing she has been in people’s faces without them wearing masks.

I guess I will hold off. I just chalk it up to if I moved, she moved or I ran out of money. I have loved my results, but I have to think about my health and family 's. Like I said my face is so much better now.
Just something I think about because I loved my results and wanted to get to other areas.

It makes me feel better that if the hair hasn’t grown back in 5 months it’s gone for good. Everyday I have been concerned I will start seeing it rebound. Thanks for that reassurance.

Also, is there anyway to do electrolysis myself? Like where do I even begin? What machine can I buy, I have body hair too so I could start there. How risky is it and how hard? Where can I buy a machine amazon? Any recommendations?
Like is it a good idea? Thanks!!!

I live in a state with one of the best responses to the virus in the country. Our case counts have remained low (20-30 cases per day). I haven’t had my upper lip and chin worked on since March either and am starting to reach the point where 15 minutes in the chair would help. I personally would feel safe being worked on with the mandates our state has in place, client must wear a face mask at all times (I wouldn’t be able to get my upper lip worked on but I’d be happy with my chin) and provider must wear a mask and face shield, gloves, fully disinfect between clients. However, I’m not sure my provider is operating as she is older and cares for her elderly mother.

The only silver lining to these terrible times is face coverings cover up our facial hair problems, so if we can’t get electrolysis we don’t need to be embarrassed in public.

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Doing electrolysis is hard. You are trying to hit a target you cannot see. If you want to do it yourself, you can reach some areas. Stay on the body and leave your face alone! You can scar yourself. It will hurt, too, so mentally prepare yourself for that. You can probably find a unit on ebay. I’m pretty sure a company that makes professional epilators and their distributers will not sell one to you without being certified. You can take a course somewhere, maybe doing some distance learning.

Just know, it is not easy to kill the almighty hair. Check out the DIY section here and read, read, read.

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