DIY electrolysis question

Hi, everyone.
I have Pcos and hirsutism. I want to do something about the exessive hair but I don’t stand good financially.
I was wondering about doing DIY electrolisis with Clean N Easy Deluxe. What are your thoughts about it? I have a lot a body hair, is it something that can be done on my own?

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Hi, I have the same condition and issues and find the clear & easy to be useful on any part of my body I can comfortably reach. The issue I have with my facial hair is that it is at an awkward angle to insert the probe. Its doable but not as simple as say, your arm

You had any reduction in hair?
How long does it take you to clear an area?

I dont recommend the clean and easy for a number of reasons :
1, It’s galvanic only.
2, It cannot be Sterilized and is constructed with an unknown (likely mild steel) probe.
3, It is generally poorly constructed and designed and fails frequently, or frustrates the user to the point of throwing it in a drawer to be never be seen again.
4 the “probes” are very course and not suitable for some parts of the body like upper lip.

I feel that Blend is a more efficient and safe modality for use by beginning DIY’ers, and also there are a TON on used old Apilus, Silouette Tone, Clareblend, Fischer Scientific and other professional units available on the used market that function perfectly well but are no longer used professionally for a variety of reasons. most of these are capable of performing blend treatments. I highly recommend Michael Bono’s book " The blend method" as a good starting point for the information necessary to learn. It’s about $45 from Texas Electrolysis Supply.

As an example of this, i point to myself. I am perhaps the most successful DIY electrologist there ever was. And I did it all in blend. Faster than I would have accomplished with galvanic alone and safely and without scarring of any kind.

PCOS clients CAN help themselves by learning to do blend on their own. But I echo Dee’s advice here, dont start on your face. Start with some body areas until you get the hang of it.

What’s are some of the cheapest Blend machines to buy?
If I am very flexible, could I treat buttocks and lower back hair?
With other areas I think I wouldn’t have much issue, except for being time consuming.
I have light skin with dark hair in my legs, face, lower stomach, buttocks and lower back.
But I have thin hair all over my shoulders, inner arms, chest, upper stomach like in this picture, so I have lost of hair to treat.

To do electrolysis, you need excellent vision and steady hands. For areas you describe, you may be able to do some patches of hair, but for most, you will not be able to reach or see very well. It would be best for you and an equally passionate buddy to pair up and work on each other. Another thought: A professional electrologist, that does a flash thermolysis (microflash or picoflash) can knock out a lot of hair in an hour. Pick an area and let her loose.

I don’t live in US and it’s hard to find an electrologist where I live.
The only electrologist I could find is in another town. I’ve contacted her and she said she can burn 15-20 hair follicules in 1 minute. Is that even possible?
I though it would cheaper if I would do buy a machine because I have lots of areas to treat.

yes it’s possible to treat 20 or so hairs a minute with thermolysis. I do this every day.

Seana and I easily do 20 or more hairs per minute, depending on the area and hair structure. It is not hard to move along carefully and efficiently.

I have been working with Clients with PCOD/PCOS for years. The first thing I recommend is for them to talk to their Doctor about the hair growth. There are meds to help balance hormones and treat PCOD/PCOSand the results are less hair. It is a complex condition that doesn’t just affect the ovaries and hormones it is a metabolic condition that affects the whole body.
Electrology is really the only way to get rid of the unwanted hair but with hormones that are unbalanced it will take a lot more treatments to get desired results.

Happy2 is you are a professional electrologist could you please forward that information to Andrea or myself? I’ll see to it you are added to the “hairtell pro” group.