Decided against self-electrolysis

Last night I was browsing the boards and thinking “man…the only place I have left to do on myself is my lower leg…that’s easy to do yourself with something like One Touch or a homemade rig!”

Then I realized that I’d have to treat each hair for 15-20 seconds for months. I have no patience for this.

Ah well…I’ll have to keep waiting a few more years till I can afford laser on this area I think. $1700. :frowning:

Yes, if you do it this way it will take many,many, many, many moons to complete. A professional electrologist can take care of your legs much better. Lasing first and then finishing with electrolysis is best, though a great electrologist with good equipment is a great 100% totally hair free plan.

I like the combo effort of laser, followed by electroysis, and such, this is what I advise my clients to consider if they are appropriate candidates for laser hair reduction.

Save your money and go at this as fast as possible, so you can start enjoying your smooth legs much sooner.


Doing any significant amount of self electrolysis with a One Touch will really tax one’s patience, since they don’t last long and some folks go though several of them just to clear one area.

Even doing self electrolysis with a good professional machine using microflash thermolysis (I can do about 200-250 hairs per hour, after 200 hours of practice to achieve that speed) can be tedious if there is enough hair in an area. Especially when trying to do the hair towards the back of the legs or any area you have to strain to get to. I am pleased with the results and what I have learned, but it was a major commitment in time and money (for the equipment, needles etc.)

200 hairs per hour? I am impressed! I guess I don’t mind the stubble on my legs. Keeps me warm. :wink: I think I mostly got sucked into the novelty of it (“oo look I could make a machine from radioshack”) hah!

To be honest, I am really surprised that I have been able to achieve that speed. I am sure it is not the equivalent to an experienced electrologist (in terms of accuracy at the same speed) of course :slight_smile:

I believe someone (Dee?) has plans to build a thermolysis machine from a CB radio, and there are plans out there to build a galvanic unit. I wonder if anyone has ever build a homemade blend machine? :wink:

MarthaJoy has the CB Radio plans. You can find the discussion on that in the thread beginning:

If I remember correctly, the discussion included how to bring blend into the mix on this modification. MarthaJoy did also find that Apilus was correctly representing the situation with the power supply being a major hurdle in the creation of the Platinum.


Could you telk me wich brand have you bought and did you use thermolysis or blend