Dallas: Electrolysis for Men

Electrolysis for Men
Dan Wallace and Amanda Preston
14801 Quorum Drive, Suite 190
Dallas, Texas 75254

Description of Practice:

Electrolysis for Men specializes in permanent hair removal services for men.

We use electrolysis, thermolysis and blend modalities of hair removal.

Male technician.

Evening and weekend appointments available.

Free consultation.

We’re not just for men! We are pleased to announce that Amanda Preston is now working with us. For appointments, please contact her directly at 214-725-7345.

I’ve been to Electrolysis for Men. Although for some reason I didn’t seem to respond to the treatment ( argh ! ) I was nevertheless very pleased with Dan Wallace ( he’s a super nice guy ) as he took the time to explain in detail the hair structure and how the hair removal process was implemented. The pricing was very affordable, too.

I may in fact return just to see if maybe higher settings could produce better results. I haven’t given up yet.

I’ve been to Electrolysis for Me. I agree with Lawrence. Dan is very professional and a super great guy to get to know as well. He is very affordable and his office was very convenient…until I moved out of state. Bummer. I highly recommend him.