Apilus Platinum Pure w/Synchro for sale

Epilator is in excellent condition $3900.00 US

International shipping and insurance costs are extra.

Send PM if interested.

Good luck!

How much longer will Dectro service the Apilus Paltinum Pure, if needed?

Deedra: Your question to Dectro is mostly important to all that own Apilus Platinum Pure with Synchro.

My experience until now with Dectro has been extremely professional and receptive to my concerns. January 2019, I requested that my Apilus be checked thoroughly. After Dectro’s verification, my equipment is 100% performing.

I have been very satisfied with Dectro’s technical expertise and service.

I invite Dectro Quebec and Montreal offices to respond to Deedra’s concern and to our electrologists’ community, via Hairtel.com, and provide us with your input.

Thank you and looking forward to your response,
Merci Dectro, and nous attendons vos commentaires,

I’ve asked Dectro to weigh in here many times, they rarely if ever do. In fact I started an Apilus users group with just that hope, to engage the company.

Only speaking personally, I’ve seen some challenges with Platinum Pure with synchro in the past, so how long Dectro will continue to support the line seems to me pretty relevant question for Dectro. I know they have recently dropped support for many of the other older lines of machines.

Feel free to pop accross the bridge and drop into my offices in Tunneys Pasture if you’d like to chat sometime, I’d be pleased to make your aquaintance. Your practise seems to have some things in common with my own.


Platinum sold!