11+ FULL BEARD TREATMENTS @ American Laser Center

Fitzpatrick II, dark course hair.
24 yo, white male.
American Laser Center, NYC/Westchester.
Aurora 9 treatments, Comet 2 treatments.
“Opted for laser hair removal so I’d never have to shave again . . .”
Main complaint: Patchiness and Regrowth

I’ve been undergoing treatment since Fall of 2004 (1.5 years now). I’ve had eleven treatments; most on Aurora; the last two on Comet. I find the treatments very painful on both, but always experience moderate hair loss in patches 3-4 later. The hair loss from the Comet seems to last longer, permanently I hope!

The patchiness is especially noticeable around chin and upper lip where there is still course dark hair. Not many course hairs left on my cheeks, but patchiness can be seen in that area when looking up close. I intend to give my treatments another six months before giving up.

I really dont see the reasoning behind the 6-7 week interval. After each treatment the hair clearly falls out in patches the size of the laser head. Other hairs continue to grow until the next treatment.

Also, if the hair stopped growing after six weeks I’d never be able to grow a long beard, which I have done several times in my life. The beard hair is not like arm hair or eyelashes that only grows to a certain length, rest, and fall out. Beard hair is like the hair on my head and continues to grow for years before going into the resting phase. The technicians at my center don’t have a clue about this and aren’t even aware of how the laser actually works. I never got to see a doctor at any point in my initial consultation or treatments.

I also get post treatment irritation and zits. I wish I never did this treatment. I’ll continue only to reduce the patchiness . . .

I really dont see the reasoning behind the 6-7 week interval. After each treatment the hair clearly falls out in patches the size of the laser head. Other hairs continue to grow until the next treatment.

It sounds like the tech is not overlapping properly and missing areas every time…

hi…just wanted to add my experience with the american lsser. They’ve used the AUrora on my back an dshoulders, and after 6 treatments, ive had significant reduction ( not exactly sure as its been a few weeks since my last treatment). WHat kind of settings did they use on you on Aurora?

Does anyone know if my beard will grow back fully (or at least uniformly) if I stop treatment? I’d rather just let it grow back at this point.

Fitzpatrick type II. 24 yo male.

I had 11 treatments with American Laser Center: 9 on Aurora and 2 on Comet.

I’m very dissatisfied with my progress. I still have a lot of hair on my face and it is grid-like and patchy. Ironically I now shave more often since any amount of stubble looks very bizarre.

My beard hair was a typical guy’s: very course to begin with. Some hairs around the face have become slightly less course but are still course black hairs. I got this treatment so I’d never have to shave again; I wish I never started it. I may or may not continue with treatments. I am waiting a few months to see if the patchiness fades. If it looks semi-normal I will just leave it alone and go back to shaving.

Both of these laser are the worst pain I’ve ever felt. My face feels like a bad sunburn for 4 days afterwards and I usually break out. I’ve even had some hypopigmentation on my nose and cheeks that has been there for months–I hope it fades eventually.

Do not go to American Laser Center. They have idiot techs who cannot even tell you how the laser works. You will never even meet the doctor. If you voice any concern over your progress they will just try to sell you IPL and Microderm.

If I were you, I would try to find someone with a Yag laser which targets the most coarse hair the best and have one treatment with someone who is very knowledgeable and experienced in hair removal with it. it’s very important that they overlap and do not miss areas on this area with so much hair in order to not end up patchy like you did. or yes, i would wait a few months and see how if the hair grows back in. since you’re only 24, it should, since this area is stimulated by hormons for males and you will always be developing some new hair there.

btw, this is exactly why I urge people to have at least 3-4 consultations and definitely compare private clinics with the chain. unfortunately, there are just too many unexperienced and clueless techs who work at chains (with high employee turnover too). anyone looking for a good tech should be looking for someone who will care about your results, not trying to “sell” you on anything.

I certainly think that one of the biggest problems people are having with laser hair removal is the proliferation of inexperienced clinics and technicians as a result of the growing wave of popularity for this treatment.

Patients are cautioned to chose their clinics wisely and put quality before price.

Has anyone had hypopigmentation from the Comet?

Did it go away?

I have a white spot on the tip of my nose from two treatments. I hope it goes away!