Hair Removal Methods

Shaving/Trimming (temporary) Devices that cut hair at or above the skin’s surface. Threading (temporary) An ancient method still widely used from Africa to Asia. Prescription oral medications Drugs that can reduce hair, but often have other side effects. Laser hair removal (permanent hair reduction for some, depending on type used) General information about laser hair removal. Do-It-Yourself Laser/IPL Home-use laser and IPL devices. Tweezing/Plucking Using forceps to epilate one or a few hairs at a time. Do-It-Yourself Electrolysis (possibly permanent-- skill required) Cons and pros of attempting electrolysis on yourself. Rotary epilators (temporary) Small electric devices with motorized heads that cause rapid epilation. Depilatories and Shaving Powders (temporary) Products that dissolve hair above the skin’s surface. Prescription topical (Vaniqa) The only topical cream cleared by FDA to make claims of hair growth inhibition. Professional Electrolysis (permanent hair removal for most) Galvanic, thermolysis, and blend: medically proven for over a century. Friction (temporary) Products used to rub or buff away any hair above the skin. Waxing and Sugaring (temporary) Done by pros or with home use kits.
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