Controversial & Unproven Methods

Photoepilators (doubtful) Sold since 1971 with no published proof of claims. Microwave Hair Removal (doubtful) Microwaves fired from skin’s surface at follicles. Sold since the 1990s with no published proof it is safe and effective. Electric tweezers (doubtful) Sold since 1959, with no published proof of permanence Restricted: Genetic Therapy, X-Ray, Photodynamic (experimental) An emerging method (still many years away) Foods and Dietary Supplements (doubtful) Over-the-counter products taken orally which claim to affect hair growth. Transdermal/Transcutaneous Patches (doubtful) Electrified patches sold since the 1990s with no published proof it can work. Nonprescription Topical Preparations (doubtful) Over-the-counter products put on the skin which claim to affect hair growth.
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